Battlefield 1

4. sep.. 2020
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Battlefield 1 is an iconic and unique entry into the Battlefield franchise. Full of atmosphere and chaotic combat. Why was it so great? Let's take a look! Leave a LIKE and a comment, thanks for watching.

  • Yeah, I used the hunter. The hunter slug. Nothing like beaning snipers with a shotgun slug. They never move and always have thier head exposed. One shotting sniper glints with a shotgun at 50+ meters was like crack, cuz you know it probably triggered them and the likely didn't take you as a serious threat because you because you had a support icon above your head.

    FatalxWolfsgrinFatalxWolfsgrinTime siden
  • I love the fact that people are still on it 4 years later. Servers are still full and finding a full game is easy. I think that speaks to this game and how good it really is. As long as people are on it, I will be playing it.

    Robert MartinRobert Martin10 timer siden
  • Great game that was ruined by hackers

    Christian youngChristian young13 timer siden
  • automatico LOL i hate the automatico

    PonnPonn14 timer siden
  • Battlefield 1, playing Argonne, listening to Sabaton 👌

    Kimble Mo JimbleKimble Mo JimbleDag siden
  • Machine gun, look alive!

    J BerryJ BerryDag siden
  • I LOVED this game so much but the servers started to drop count. Should i reinstall it back on XBOXONE??

    Jonathan MJonathan MDag siden
  • I still play 4 years never stopped:)

    rhearheaDag siden
    • I'm thinking of buying soon, seems more fun than bf5. Would you recommend?

      TrashPanda78TrashPanda78Dag siden
  • such a great game! should've expanded it instead of adding BFV

    Joshua MartinezJoshua Martinez2 dager siden
  • Bruh I loved this game I remember people didn’t like this game when it came out

    LilNick 223LilNick 2232 dager siden
  • I like battlefield more then other shooters just because its a slower game then cod (you dont die/kill someone every 2 seconds)

    Naam LoosNaam Loos2 dager siden
  • Warzone has drained all enjoyment out of gaming for me. This video saved me. I downloaded BF1 again and It feels new again.

    TonyAFCTonyAFC2 dager siden
  • This game is so crispy

    BeastModeJellyBeastModeJelly2 dager siden
  • 2:26 what gun is this?

    Another YouTube AccountAnother YouTube Account2 dager siden
  • God what I would do to play a full game of Fort De Vaux such an amazing map hectic yet enjoyable

    Kevin WilkinsonKevin Wilkinson3 dager siden
  • Best battlefield game

    Mr random stuffMr random stuff4 dager siden
  • Finch’s death was sad

    Radish BoiRadish Boi4 dager siden
  • Hell of a game, one of the best multiplayer games of all time.

    microwaved chocolatemicrowaved chocolate4 dager siden
  • This and bf4 are the greatest battlefield games

    General GrievousGeneral Grievous4 dager siden
  • Sad that the servers are empty...

    NoobiedoobyNoobiedooby4 dager siden
    • Wdym the servers are packed on xbox one from what I've seen

      Omar AbudeleaOmar Abudelea3 dager siden
  • bf1 is the best bf ever came out

    ElenationElenation4 dager siden
  • This was the only battlefield game I could get into

    SMLFAN 007SMLFAN 0075 dager siden
  • It’s pronounced B.A.R. not bar.

    Jaeger EntertainmentJaeger Entertainment5 dager siden
  • This game will look even more gorgeous on next gen for us console users

    Daniel VillanuevaDaniel Villanueva5 dager siden
  • Why people in the comments are like "yeah it was a good game". I didn't have a gaming PC for a long time and I only bought it a year ago and BF1 was one of the first games I got for it. And it's still VERY good even for 2020. It's not some 2005 game that only people with nostalgia would like. The servers are still very much alive (maybe not for all the modes though) and the gameplay is still as good as it was in 2016. It's probably my favorite FPS game and the atmosphere is incredible, I didn't see anything like that before. Maybe some of you know that disappointment of growing up, when you stop being immersed in the game? Like when I was playing WoW when it just released I was 12 I think and I was immersed in that world. Now I can't feel it - I still can appreciate nice gameplay, good graphics/animation/music, interesting story, but I can't feel like I'm the character in the game. BF1 brought me really close to that feeling.

    annatar977annatar9775 dager siden
  • Best war game i have played in my life

    Ivan TVIvan TV5 dager siden
  • Before battlefield got woke.

    ExhumedXxXxExhumedXxXx5 dager siden
  • My multiplayer won’t even install😂

    BillyBilly5 dager siden
  • Just started playing this again and I've come to realise there is no better shooter. The immersion is unbelievable shame bf5 was more like cod than Battlefield what a disappointment

    AX NINJAAX NINJA5 dager siden
  • How do you get dlc map lobbies and what about the hackers 🤕 (edit I mean full dlc lobbies)

    LIL huntudownLIL huntudown5 dager siden
  • Can we bring this back?

    Neil BowmanNeil Bowman5 dager siden
  • I'm suprised at myself that I have never played ANY battlefield game ever. I play lots of fighting games and I'm planning on buying a battlefield game soon, any recommendations? 1,2,3,4,5?

    Celtic WarriorCeltic Warrior6 dager siden
  • still mad that there was no war story for the Kaiser... SMH I wanted to scream " FOR THE VATERLAND, FOR THE KAISER" but oh no to much to wish for... WHO WANTED TO BE A ITALIAN DUDE IN MEDIVAL ARMOR?!!?!?! who?

    TheRedPandaGamingSWETheRedPandaGamingSWE6 dager siden
  • Bf1 ps5?

    Kamil ZielakKamil Zielak6 dager siden
  • Hey guys, I have an urgent request. What do you use for capturing screen video and audio? Please help me, I need to attend two zoom conferences at the same time, how can I do that?

    Luka NogaloLuka Nogalo6 dager siden
  • My favorite was the Ft 17 and dismounted cavalry unit hehe Aw man the fucking dogfighting in this game was perfect 👌 😍 😫

    Cristian VillanuevaCristian Villanueva6 dager siden
  • I still play after three years

    Jedi Knight buckleyJedi Knight buckley7 dager siden
  • Just re-installed on PS4. Totally missed this feeling.

    Alex KerbabianAlex Kerbabian7 dager siden
  • this game is godly

    OpgamingOpgaming7 dager siden
  • Ya know jack, it wasn't unheard of to use a cavalry sabre on a horse, U.S. army did that during literally every war it fought during and after the civil war, until they stopped using horses...

    Peter ParleePeter Parlee7 dager siden
  • Hold up hold up... too casual? The gunplay in BF1 is acc harder than in BF4 and BF3 just saying 😂 probs cause you had so many options with attachments and scopes but still

    RogueParagonalRogueParagonal8 dager siden
  • Welcome to Battlefield 1! Where bullets dont deal damage and most of the team is usually a scout!

    The Brazillian EmpireThe Brazillian Empire8 dager siden
  • On Ps4 the Servers a SOOOOO empty No one plays it and i have so Loved this Game for me the best Battlefield science bfbc2 and then cames bf4 on the third place

    Hotzenplotz123Hotzenplotz1238 dager siden
    • They will gain many new players next month because of the ps5

      xrenxxrenx7 dager siden
  • Personally I didn't like it. Too easy. I remember when I was new at fps, I had to play a lot and get good. But nowadays, modern shooters are just meh. And AAA seems to be more about the visual experience than actually having deep gameplay.

    satnav1980satnav19808 dager siden
  • Why are you talking in past tense like this game died or something? lol

    DashDash8 dager siden
  • its the best game ive ever played there explosins all around you its living hell in war.

    OpgamingOpgaming8 dager siden
  • I dont think people in world war 1 used to get UAV's and nukes ig

    Pratham BhisePratham Bhise8 dager siden
  • Remember when Battlefield 1 trailer literally broke the internet with a million views in 1 hr

    Mohammed Alssamra'eyMohammed Alssamra'ey8 dager siden
  • This is one of my favourite games of all time imo. It just came at a time in my life that was wonderful and the nostalgia this game brings to me is crazy. I genuinely love this game and will always love it, thank you to everyone who made this experience so special for me from the gamers to the developers... Thank you :)

  • I moved to the country. Guess what they don’t have in the country? That’s write no high speed internet. I miss BF1 online

    Lethem EatarssLethem Eatarss9 dager siden
  • You know I think battlefield 1 would of been much better, gunplay wise, if they had very little LMGs and automatic guns available, they nailed it on the graphics, but the immersion is just horrid, you didn’t have 15+ guys running around trench to trench spraying a LMG and charging, that was why I quit the game, I didn’t come here to be sprayed down with an automatic at close range because half of the enemy team was on the assault class, I wanted it to feel different, like I wasn’t playing battlefield 4 or call of duty, I wanted the immersion of being in the front lines, bolt action in one hand, sidearm in the other. But they never really nailed that feeling, like ptsd. So if they wanted to improve this I would opt for them to hire the Verdun devs. But that’s my opinion so yeah.

    General GrievousGeneral Grievous9 dager siden

    Marnix van OortMarnix van Oort9 dager siden
  • Such a great game still holds up in 2020, better graphics and gameplay than cod Cold War

    It’s iiRonyyIt’s iiRonyy9 dager siden
  • Bf1 is the reason I bought a ps4 after 20years of not owing a gaming console. It's the best fps ever.

    nailler 9nailler 910 dager siden
  • la caceta medica

    TobiTobi10 dager siden
  • Should I get all the dlc for bf1 on Xbox? do people still play bf1?

    What’s with this sassy Lost child?What’s with this sassy Lost child?10 dager siden
  • BF1>BF5

    AlekksuAlekksu10 dager siden
  • Servers are full, just uncheck everything in filter...

    Rarest PepeRarest Pepe10 dager siden
  • Just love for this beast!

    Guilherme DuarteGuilherme Duarte10 dager siden
  • Battlefield 1 is the only game I've ever played which made me realise war is absolute hell

    Iwan ThomasIwan Thomas10 dager siden
  • What a game, one of the best shooters I ever played, if not the best. The atmosphere, the sound, the maps, the hectic gameplay - perfect in every way. How they could just throw all of that away with BFV is an absolute mystery to me.

    Martin SchmidtMartin Schmidt10 dager siden
  • Have a great day

    Can I get to 1k subsCan I get to 1k subs11 dager siden
  • This title was the death of Battlefield

    tonytony11 dager siden
  • Best BF game made Up their next to 3 & 4!!!

    Toyota TurboToyota Turbo12 dager siden
  • Remember watching this in work, that same night I booked 5 days off so I could play this game to death 👌😂😂😂

    Enduro Clutch N ShiftEnduro Clutch N Shift12 dager siden
  • Bf 1 was wayyyy too short

    RemasterRemaster12 dager siden
  • When i look back at bf1 The only thing i wish i could do is play more of it when it was at its peak

    VX9982DCFG 0VX9982DCFG 012 dager siden
  • The time of choice is the best because guns were weird, that’s good

    FrenchyJrFrenchyJr12 dager siden
  • Still play it today, still a heap on servers full.

    oil gimpoil gimp12 dager siden
  • I grinded this game on PS4 back in 2016 and now I’m on pc and looking to pick this back up and get some nostalgia, are the servers still fine or is it just conquest

    BerchBerch13 dager siden
  • Bf1 in my opinion is the best battle field game there is

    BroPro 820BroPro 82014 dager siden
  • Giants shadow and scar are my favourite maps. Tank hunter kit still my fav, but they nerfed it a lot

    MrRedeyedJediMrRedeyedJedi14 dager siden
  • I still play. It's their best recent release.

    MrRedeyedJediMrRedeyedJedi14 dager siden
  • I'm not a huge player of FPS games, but I absolutely loved BF1

    Justin McDermottJustin McDermott14 dager siden
  • Monte Grappa on operations is the best thing dice has ever done. Nothing comes close. Even bfbc2 rush falls short.

  • I just built a new pc and I’m loving bf1 in 144 FPS on ultra settings

    The Infinite MagThe Infinite Mag15 dager siden
  • Favorite game ever. the intensity was amazing, rushing cavalry through infantry and explosions, kicking up dirt and winging swords into players. T-Gewehr headshots...sniping in general. I even got into aviation. I miss it.

    JackBurtonJackBurton16 dager siden
  • Best multiplayer game I ever played

    Brian NolanBrian Nolan16 dager siden
  • Just lived stream

    Battlefield 1 guruBattlefield 1 guru16 dager siden
  • God damn i love this game. Coming home from school, to play with the boys, on a Friday afternoon. Jesus I just loved it

    Hunter WeddleHunter Weddle16 dager siden
  • Best Battlefield game of all time in my opinion. Love it.

    Tom HammondTom Hammond16 dager siden
  • This was such a good game. I wish they kept releasing both multiplayer and single player DLC.

    Russell RabanalRussell Rabanal16 dager siden
  • I wish more people played Frontlines

    Alex BernalAlex Bernal17 dager siden
  • Yall talking about immersive? Play rising storm 2 vietnam. And no im not one of the new players from the epic store, its just genuinely dope, reply if u wanna play

    HinesGamingHinesGaming17 dager siden
  • Melee combat was also satisfying. Especially in the trenches or in areas that were filled with smoke, making it hard to see the enemy.

    Joakim CarlgrenJoakim Carlgren18 dager siden
  • I remember me and a ton of people get all the tanks and horses and vehicles we could and charged one specific objective and caused absolute havoc and it was just awesome

    Mr. SquidwardMr. Squidward18 dager siden
  • Battlefield 1

    Jake HudsonJake Hudson18 dager siden
  • although it wasnt as popular, I thought Operations was SOOOO good

    purp1epurp1e18 dager siden
  • Why u saying “made” and not “makes”. Lmao i left this game years ago and came back a few months ago since having a blast

    The BatcomputerThe Batcomputer18 dager siden
  • gives me chills everytime...

    Finn FrantiFinn Franti19 dager siden
  • The flame trooper kit is the best one

    hustlinjustinhustlinjustin19 dager siden
  • Another part of it's success was the fact that it was up against infinite warfare

    hustlinjustinhustlinjustin19 dager siden
  • This is my favorite battlefield

    hustlinjustinhustlinjustin19 dager siden
  • Best game yet

    Mckaylund TuttleMckaylund Tuttle19 dager siden
  • *we have taken objective butter.*

    Flådig ManFlådig Man19 dager siden
  • As a medic main in BF1 i was so excited when the Fedorov Avtomat came out and its still my favorite weapon in the game.

    PraetorianPraetorian20 dager siden
  • BF1 was my 1st Xbox game ever. Literally couldn’t have picked any better...

    Ben LeBlancBen LeBlanc20 dager siden
  • God I wish this game wasn’t dead in Australia

    Lispy LlamaLispy Llama20 dager siden
  • Omgg the shovels was a meme I remember lmao

    BaxterThuggBaxterThugg20 dager siden
  • Does anyone still play this I wanna go back to it

    BaxterThuggBaxterThugg20 dager siden