Battlefield 3 Single Player Walkthrough - Full Game 4K 60FPS

5. okt.. 2020
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Battlefield 3 Campaign is one of the best in the franchise. This is my full gameplay walkthrough in 4K 60FPS, it still looks incredible! Leave a LIKE and a comment. Become a member - noworld.infojoin

  • Is it me or did the graphics get worse in BF4?

    LeonLeonDag siden
  • This game is absolutely visually stunning and it is well optimized even for low end pc's!!

    RomeoJollyBunRomeoJollyBunDag siden
  • 8:27 Army says hooah. The Marines say oorah. No hate, just pointing out

    TBKxTBKx2 dager siden
  • I wish for a remastered version of this game with toned down suppression, blue tint and exchangeable gadgets I would pay full price for that.

    Steve MillerSteve Miller4 dager siden
  • "In the 👀ran 👀raq region" 'murican😂

    Kshitij kaikeyaKshitij kaikeya4 dager siden
  • The running animations are still unmatched till this day, looks so good

    Easy 010Easy 0106 dager siden
  • Use me as “here since BF3 days” button. Good to be back!🤩

    Easy 010Easy 0106 dager siden
  • reality mod,

    BrotherO4BrotherO46 dager siden
  • This game still be awesome, the best shooter ever for me.

    Thepunki26Thepunki267 dager siden
  • WTF happened to BF, this game is a masterpiece

    JamrockJamrock7 dager siden
  • проста лучшая часть батлы ) Thanks Jack

    JackJack9 dager siden
  • The tanks in operation guillotine be like: another 1!

    Aayush SinghAayush Singh11 dager siden
  • I wanna see a playthru of BF4 Like you did with this video

    Ryan GladstoneRyan Gladstone11 dager siden
  • I hope that Battle Field 6 will be in a urban city setting like BF4 and BF3

    Ryan GladstoneRyan Gladstone11 dager siden
  • Battlefield 4 next please!

    Jose A.Jose A.12 dager siden
  • Sooo nostalgic

    Dharmesh BDharmesh B13 dager siden
  • The animation looks better then current COD

    A HA H13 dager siden
  • 2:45:32

    Nineteen1900HundredNineteen1900Hundred13 dager siden
  • Battlefield is my all time favourite game in the worl and it always will be i was born playing this game. Battlefield has so much space in the bottom of my ♥

  • What makes this game even more fun today is that actually there is some truth behind the game's story. First thing, obviously, this game was, and still is, banned in Iran. 2nd, the Solomon guy in the game was actually based on Qasem Soleimani who was assassinated early this year in Iraq. "Soleiman" in Persian/Farsi directly translates to Solomon.

    M TM T13 dager siden
  • I think Jack is trying to tell us a BF 3 Remastered is coming togheter with BF6 ,like cod remastered came with cod infinity right Jackiee?

    Damian GoinaDamian Goina15 dager siden
  • VodSquad

    MrScapperMrScapper17 dager siden
  • Looks better than cold war lol

    CentuariCentuari17 dager siden
  • Bf3 campaign on the hard difficulty was really complicated, I always died with a few shots

    anarkham -anarkham -18 dager siden
  • BJ Blaskowits's dad was a little less of a dick 9 years ago

    Richard SegalRichard Segal19 dager siden
  • the sound design in this game is fucking bonkers i miss modern battlefield

    Holesale00Holesale0019 dager siden
  • There's something about this battlefield. Its not the nostalgia feeling, but something else. A vibe that almost everyone feels when watching or playing it. I can't quite figure out what it is, bur i know its there.

    nigerian scammernigerian scammer19 dager siden
    • it's called appreciating a ground breaking masterpiece

      is actually Arkis actually Ark14 dager siden
    • The game just felt right, the lightening of the game the setting the weapons the character designs

      Juliet PaPaJuliet PaPa19 dager siden
  • woolievs

    Maaike de GraafMaaike de Graaf19 dager siden
  • "Campo I'm scared.... Campo hold me.... what kind of a name is Campo anyway?" 😂😂 that whole mission killed me 2:47:35

    Aj NitsugaAj Nitsuga19 dager siden
  • Always thought bf3 was lookin better than bf4

    Juliet PaPaJuliet PaPa20 dager siden
  • Wow even almost a decade ago the graphics are still great

    TRIGGER 49TRIGGER 4920 dager siden
  • Ahhh, when people ask me what game kept me up til 4 am everyday this would be the answer. I loved coming home from school and playing the shit out of this with ally friends. Good times.

    Chase HagertChase Hagert20 dager siden
  • Friendly reminder that in reality the Kurds are for the most part US allies in the fight against ISIS and you can look into the whole nation/state conflict with Iran if you'd like

    Jacob MonseyJacob Monsey21 dag siden
  • Anyone else tip there head when they was in the yet lmao

    Steve RussellSteve Russell21 dag siden
  • Listening to the bf3 campaign as I'm playing bf 4

    STRY ĐĒRSTRY ĐĒR21 dag siden
  • This looks better that the current COD...

    Naughty ShepherdNaughty Shepherd21 dag siden
    • @Equilibrium 2112 Best looking cod in the franchise 😂

      LeonLeonDag siden
    • @Gutekx x yah

      Magical MahiMagical Mahi12 dager siden
    • It's not very hard to be better than CoD tbh

      Equilibrium 2112Equilibrium 211214 dager siden
    • nah

      Gutekx xGutekx x17 dager siden
  • Dogfight❤️

    Blue BloodBlue Blood21 dag siden
  • After watching this video, today i played bf3 single player campaign again 😱 many thanks

    pasidupasidu22 dager siden
  • If only this game would run good on the 360 I would have played this and mw3

    JaydonJaydon22 dager siden
  • Forget talking about multi-player. Love your commentary.Its like watching a movie. Really enjoyable.

    John DownesJohn Downes22 dager siden
  • Ur forgetting all ur Russian fans, Jack. They dont need the mini subtitles lol. Would love to speak it too. Omg that half life ref. I do remember that. Corpse jamming the elevator.

    Nikolas MaesNikolas Maes22 dager siden
  • I really hope the next battlefield has a modern setting. You already know it’s going to clap, even if it’s not good immediately, because dice can’t let another game flop like bfv.

    Oh AhoyOh Ahoy22 dager siden
  • Best Battlefield ever made!

    oliveiradesoliveirades22 dager siden
  • 2011 ? seems like it was yesterday.

    EinarC GulbrandsenEinarC Gulbrandsen22 dager siden
  • Dice should surprise us with a bf3 console remake for the ps5 and next xbox. That would be sweet

    Leutrim AvdijaLeutrim Avdija23 dager siden
  • That f18 hornet mission is the best ever

    Ubaid BakhtiarUbaid Bakhtiar23 dager siden
  • Pls do 4 nexy

    MauriceMaurice23 dager siden
  • Posts 4k me in 240 p everyone liked that

    ᐯᗩᑎTᗩᘜᙓ ᑭOIᑎTᐯᗩᑎTᗩᘜᙓ ᑭOIᑎT23 dager siden
  • man if I could go back to the midnight release of this game I would definitely miss these classic

    zdruzdru23 dager siden
  • I had good memories too fantastic game👍👍

    Marco BephageMarco Bephage23 dager siden
  • Still the Best BF Game - love it

    YAAAKUZZZA psnYAAAKUZZZA psn23 dager siden
  • I hope that your streaming bf3 because dice is making a remaster.

    Nils B.Nils B.23 dager siden
  • The Battlefield Instagram has also just recently become active again changing their profile picture to just 'Battlefield' and posting fan videos on their story.

    Tom de WegerTom de Weger23 dager siden
  • Emmm jack jack !!! U know something about bf3 remastered ....that's why u did this video aheiiiin ??? Waiting for the announcement 😂😂😂😜

    lahbibe djalalilahbibe djalali23 dager siden
  • When the A10 goes on a gun run you know there’s gonna be one less area code

    K denK den23 dager siden
  • Best Battlefield

    ZekliZekli23 dager siden
  • So much nostalgia, great gameplay! Hope you live BF4 story too!

    Mau HurtadoMau Hurtado23 dager siden
  • Hello to Jack from Tehran❤️🤣👋

    AmirAli ClashAmirAli Clash24 dager siden
  • And if you pick walkthrough you get this story about this game here

    Raiden LiggettRaiden Liggett24 dager siden
  • you have no idea what swear words they are saying in Persian! lol

    star duststar dust24 dager siden

    HepsuuuHepsuuu24 dager siden
  • This storyline had me emotionally invested

    dsemt54dsemt5424 dager siden
  • Such an under appreciated game

    dsemt54dsemt5424 dager siden
  • man, wanted to play this game but my potato pc wont let me, thanks jack.

    Brandon JotaBrandon Jota24 dager siden
  • Damn BF3 was such a good game and i would say it was the best game i've ever played!!! I mean everything was perfect + not that much bugs and Hacker like today it was funny and peacefull

    TLast PunisherTLast Punisher24 dager siden
  • I was the guy that said if u hear the a10 u weren't the target, thanks for noticing me Jack!😁

    joshplayz_0807joshplayz_080724 dager siden
  • 49:00 “I need to watch Top Gear again!” Jack “I don’t think Clarkson has ever flown a F18 before?” Me,

    • I think he meant top gun XD

      Kaan ToyKaan Toy13 dager siden
  • if we are theorizing on jackfrags teasing bf6........then ive got a theory i think jackfrags is trying to say that there will be a campaign in bf6............idk its just a thought

    Gaz Da LadGaz Da Lad24 dager siden
  • Best game ever!!

    JcsweJcswe24 dager siden
  • Still my BF GOAT! :-D

    FrisiandudeFrisiandude24 dager siden
  • Battlefield 3 Was So Head Of It Time

    OxGulli 1OxGulli 124 dager siden
  • honestly some of the effects and atmosphere from this game are better than modern CoD campaigns

    Skrt ReynoldsSkrt Reynolds24 dager siden
  • Yes!!

    Carlo StefaniCarlo Stefani24 dager siden
  • cannot change fov in singleplayer

    Baek U SinBaek U Sin24 dager siden
  • Nice throwback DICE did with that Johnny Cash song they used for the BF1 Gamescom trailer.

    Alierso KilgoreAlierso Kilgore24 dager siden
  • vast difference between terrorism and revolution against a monarch.

    Rufrign kidnmeRufrign kidnme24 dager siden
  • one of the best

    Isuru DeshanIsuru Deshan24 dager siden
  • I love what you do man, but you are such a terrible singer :D

    Zidane SAIDZidane SAID24 dager siden
  • One of the many reasons we need a Modern battelfield game is because the vehicle game-play is so amazing and diverse. Jets, choppers, tanks, AC-130's, a dozen of ground vehicles, AA's etc. Another reason is the amount of customization with modern weapons and vehicles. Not only do modern weapons look cool, they play more fun and you can customize them so well. And another reason is the IMMERSION. A modern shooter gives far more immersion because its set in a time where it could be very real. These are just a few of a million reasons I really want a modern-day BF again.

    itsme zartitsme zart24 dager siden
  • Only a few games achieve this kind of hype after so many years

    WickedWyvernWickedWyvern24 dager siden
  • I started watching this and after 2mins.. what Im doing? I can play this aswell on my pc :D what difficult u played on?

    Matus NigaMatus Niga24 dager siden
  • What is your PC specs?

    RoytjeRoytje24 dager siden
  • I loved this campaign at the time and played it again all the way through a few months ago and it’s still breathtakingly brilliant. This time on 4K@144Hz ultimate Settings and it felt like a new game.

    AngryMegaMindAngryMegaMind24 dager siden
  • Ah yes, the infamous t-pose glitch.

    StrykeZStrykeZ24 dager siden
  • Lookin better than V and 4

    Lone WandererLone Wanderer24 dager siden

    Valkyr-RValkyr-R24 dager siden
  • I buy i7 for bf3 lol.

    Jira MJira M24 dager siden
  • This only means 1 thing

    Ephraim DimandalEphraim Dimandal24 dager siden
  • Jack look up Greatest Tank Battles - The Battle of 73 Easting, reminds me of this mission

    RcGhost-V8RcGhost-V824 dager siden
  • Personal opinion:BF3 is a visually superior game to BF4,WW3,Squad,Insurgency Sandstorm and the vast majority of modern setting shooters.

    megaslayerchomegaslayercho24 dager siden
  • The best part is, he is acting like he never played this game before 😂

    pasidupasidu24 dager siden
    • @enterBrainer many have seen the first mission from all the trailers

      Johan DJohan D5 dager siden
    • Yeah and in the first mission hes like "Ive always wondered how he managed to dodge that bullet" looool

      enterBrainerenterBrainer11 dager siden
  • God this game looks beautiful, playing Bf4 at the moment, these graphics somehow look better than Bf4 multiplayer

    Joshua KleidonJoshua Kleidon24 dager siden
  • i still play the mp :) ... the one and only golden battlefield game ...

    Fahim KhanFahim Khan24 dager siden
  • I'm surprised how this livestream got lots of Middle eastern viewers, this game was so popular in there back then, everyone was playing it

    Soufiane saidiSoufiane saidi24 dager siden
  • This game was so ahead of its time...

    MrHype2kMrHype2k24 dager siden
  • Hi

    5h3mrick5h3mrick24 dager siden
  • Looks better than cold war

    Fabi 97Fabi 9724 dager siden
  • Please tell me you will be doing BF4 next

    Aleck CumminsAleck Cummins24 dager siden
  • still the best sounding bf

    Will smithWill smith24 dager siden