Battlefield Bad Company 2

29. aug.. 2020
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Battlefield Bad Company 2 is a fan favourite in the franchise, but why and what did it do well? Let's take a look. Leave a LIKE and a comment, thanks for watching. Become a member - noworld.infojoin

  • loved it PLEASE REBOOT it in HD :D

    Paul SillifantPaul Sillifant4 timer siden
  • I don’t think it’s dice that failed to make a good game. I think it’s the player base that ruined the game. Before it became a popular game it had its own culture. Once the call of duty fans started crossing over it went from being a strategic game to run and gun, people stealing helicopters just to get to the top of a building, people dedicating their lives to gaming meaning the balance is thrown off, etc.

    Jordan OostingJordan Oosting18 timer siden
  • Dont forget the veitnam dlc

    Cutter gillespieCutter gillespie21 time siden
  • Are there Servers Active?

    Kwl GamerKwl GamerDag siden
  • THank you for leaving out the intro in the end of you video :D

    MrcaptainMrcaptainDag siden
  • I remember when I was younger I asked my mom to buy me the new call of duty for my Xbox 360 and she brought me home this. And it was from then on I became a fan of battlefield

    tha nightfamtha nightfam2 dager siden
  • Tracer gun + rpg = fun

    Samppa 12345Samppa 123452 dager siden

    ChristianChristian3 dager siden
  • Sniping battles on arica harbor on those two places u already know

    Saihna GlücklerSaihna Glückler3 dager siden
  • I cant play this anymore from steam cuz login eror

    patrick lucaspatrick lucas3 dager siden
  • If only they could bring back the fun of BFBC, I met so many friends there as a kid

    The ArtThe Art4 dager siden
  • Wasnt BC2 the title where you cant strafe? I cant remember it was a looong time ago but i loved the gameplay, to me it was the best BF next to BF3

    pickelamarschpickelamarsch4 dager siden
  • Seriously my favorite Battlefield game of all time. I don't even know how many hours I poured into this and 1943 on my PS3.

    Ryder21Ryder214 dager siden
  • 1st one was better

    Hcaz HtimsHcaz Htims4 dager siden
  • Is This Ps3 Because The Graphic Is Way Different Than What We See Hope This Is Ps3

    Filipole Se nahFilipole Se nah5 dager siden
  • the best BF game ever its just PERFECT

    Psy0mPsy0m5 dager siden
  • The last game with the best destruction. - Also loved BF BC2 Vietnam.

    Russell RabanalRussell Rabanal7 dager siden
  • Still one of the best games I've had the pleasure of playing.

    Yonatan MussaffiYonatan Mussaffi7 dager siden
  • Battlefield 2 was the favorite in the franchise for me.

    RebalancedRebalanced7 dager siden
  • Loved the campaign as a kid, pretty sure i was playing it when i was in kindergarten. lmao

    сволочьсволочь7 dager siden
  • Greatest battlefield ever

    ThatVEEGuyThatVEEGuy8 dager siden
  • Still the best.. solid 💪😎

    Shan DagoonShan Dagoon8 dager siden
  • JESUS man these were the days. I spent more time on this game than ANY other game aside from BF3. The sheer amount of fun I had with friends and even family, like my little brother. I honestly have not had a similar experience since.

    Christian BaltersChristian Balters8 dager siden
  • Best Battlefield ever Close behind ist bf1 and then bf4 the other Battlefield titles are Pure garbage! A Remake of this Game i will buy it in the First Second

    Hotzenplotz123Hotzenplotz1239 dager siden
  • I compare this gameplay to 2010’s cod bo1 and I can’t believe people honestly thought cod was better😂

    Leevi AshtonLeevi Ashton9 dager siden
  • 3:43 CYERPUNK

    Я не жалеюЯ не жалею9 dager siden
  • RUSH 🤍

    ringhofringhof10 dager siden
  • Shooting felt amazing. Destruction felt amazing. Sniping felt amazing. Vehicles felt amazing. Squad play dynamics felt amazing. Maps felt amazing. Strategy felt amazing. Graphics were amazing. Sound was amazing. Music was amazing. Variety of weapons was amazing. Time to kill was amazing. Feeling of being in an actual small scale battlefield was amazing. This game was AMAZING. How Dice can't figure out why it was successful baffles me.

    Billy Joe CarmackBilly Joe Carmack12 dager siden
  • Love how alot of the footage is hardcore mode. Bc2 is the only bf game where HC felt more like the main intended mode of the game. The ttk is normal was so cartoonishly long and the health regen so fast that HC was all i really played. Sadly bf3 and bf4 just didn't have the map design and density of cover to make HC work as well as it did in bc 2

    JackJack12 dager siden
  • Remember putting c4 on the drones.

    hi how r ya?hi how r ya?12 dager siden
  • map designed on rush. i'll have to and install that game again

    Thomas VognsenThomas Vognsen12 dager siden
  • That sweet feeling of picking 4 tags in a row from oblivious 12x sneeppers in Valdez. Good times.

    Gytis Baranauskas JagmortGytis Baranauskas Jagmort13 dager siden
  • the vietnam expansion was glorious as well, ah the nostalgia.

    SNAFUSNAFU13 dager siden
  • It stills looks great and not even outdated one bit

    The SleepingMooseThe SleepingMoose15 dager siden
  • I don’t know but this is a lot like bo2

    Melanie LandinMelanie Landin15 dager siden
    • And this came out 2 years before

      Ling LingLing Ling12 dager siden
  • I miss this game. Counter sniping the sniper campers by using the tracer dart gun was extremely satisfying. I wish they had death comms back then so you could hear their rage when someone locked onto them with the Gustav.

    The DoctorThe Doctor15 dager siden
  • I only had the demo back in '09

    Paradise StevenParadise Steven15 dager siden
  • can i play this game on high graphics with a i3 8gen 2.5ghz....8gb ddr3 ram and intel hd 620 128mb vram?

    Corne CoetzeeCorne Coetzee15 dager siden
  • We love bc2 because it’s more like call of duty than the other bf games

    Anm DetroitAnm Detroit15 dager siden
  • before i saw the title i thought this was battlefield 6, because the graphics are so good

    Comrade MappingComrade Mapping16 dager siden
  • Love that sound when the building collapses.

    Sibole StalineSibole Staline18 dager siden
  • We need BC3 or a remaster of BC2

    luvergodluvergod18 dager siden
  • I still play this game and its still real fun

    MR. WHALEMR. WHALE18 dager siden
  • is it just me or the guy sounds like Heavyweight king tyson fury? lol

  • This game defined my 7th grade after-school fun time.

    Whiterun GuardWhiterun Guard20 dager siden
  • " i haven't bought a disk in 3 years" i most live in the stone age shit i still buy disc fuck all that download time

    Tory RhodenTory Rhoden20 dager siden
  • Def my favorite BF

    Christian BelangerChristian Belanger22 dager siden
  • Rush is one of the best game modes ever

    AcoolCatAcoolCat22 dager siden
  • By far the best battle field game ,BC2, loved the damage to building, always said if 'COD' was to implement building damage on warzone for example, this would be fantastic, imagine being able to level the broadcast tower in downtown how f***ing cool would that be 🤣 Really enjoying your recap vids.

    colin mitchellcolin mitchell22 dager siden
  • please rework of BC2

    Aaron LMAaron LM23 dager siden
  • rush

    phil wilderphil wilder24 dager siden
  • Is there people playing this game?

    Christian RowbothamChristian Rowbotham24 dager siden
  • Best Battlefield game going

    Just a QuadJust a Quad24 dager siden
  • This fucking game is the best game i have ever fucking played FACT 👌🏽

    craigc192craigc19225 dager siden
  • This game was incredible.

    John Ellis IIIJohn Ellis III25 dager siden
  • best battlefield game in the series

    lawlessx9lawlessx925 dager siden
  • The thing I loved so much about this game was the lack of Jets. I actually had a chance to get good at flying choppers because there wasn't a ton of pilots with 1000s of hours in the game who would just knock you out of the sky within seconds.

    rmcguinn94rmcguinn9425 dager siden
  • I just remember how fun the sniping on Isla Inocentes was. Boy do I miss that map

    Devin TjelmelandDevin Tjelmeland26 dager siden
  • Me: Sees a boring title Also me: Sees it's from Jackfrags Also me: I'm watching it

    verydumb • 27 years ago • editedverydumb • 27 years ago • edited26 dager siden
  • i always tried to snipe across the map and get 1200+ marksman bonus. once i killed 4 players in a row across the map and got kicked by a admin becaue he thought i was cheating. i loved the bullet travel time which was like 3 seconds that made sniping realistic and super fun to me

    NexuxNexux29 dager siden
  • I spent way, way too much time trying to get the achievement where you had to kill people by collapsing a building on them, can't remember if it was multiple kills or something but that goal was always on my mind and I never got it and it frustrated me so many times because it was so brutally difficult. Also I always played in hardcore mode, because initially it gave me an advantage by not giving away my position and also more damage in general when sniping so more likely 1 shot kills, but then I never left hardcore. Looks really weird seeing the actual HUD on these videos because it's something I never really saw outside of the campaign

    WaldeWalde29 dager siden
  • my intro to BF such a nostagic game

    4N4N29 dager siden
  • What’s next? Halo 5?

    Game Dev CadeGame Dev CadeMåned siden
  • I just love this game on the bases that you actually get rewarded for gun skill and playing tactical unlike a certain Cod today

    Ricky LafluerRicky LafluerMåned siden
  • I'm famous, the "Player committed Divjot against Player" message is based on me in the AWOL BFBC2 server which is still active to this day.

    13thLegionnaire13thLegionnaireMåned siden
  • Is this game still alive? I mean, the multiplayer

    StürdernwardenhardenbartStürdernwardenhardenbartMåned siden
  • peak battlefield

    Oposis SecondOposis SecondMåned siden
  • This was the last time I loved an fps.

    Dusknought XDusknought XMåned siden
  • I got the game and I played it, it's better than fortnite

    akibul Islamakibul IslamMåned siden
  • One of most epic game music scores Snowy Mountains each time I hear it I feel nostalgic for this amazing game

    Cardan011Cardan011Måned siden
  • Is this game worth buying now

    amcf2000camcf2000cMåned siden
  • Never played it, but it looks reaallyy fun and the maps seem interesting.

    Борис ЛековБорис ЛековMåned siden
  • I didn’t start playing this game until after a while it came out. I was playing this when BF4 was out

    SkilledHuntergamesSkilledHuntergamesMåned siden
  • I wouldn't even be mad if they did a remaster of BC2. Don't change anything just upgrade the graphics.

    Charles Doss JrCharles Doss JrMåned siden
  • I had so much fun in this game, played on 360

    Mrgrizz3yMrgrizz3yMåned siden
  • I’ve been playing battlefield since I was 6 and now I’m 36

    BrendanBrendanMåned siden
  • This game was so amazing. I used to mess around so much. Anyone remember where you could launch vehicles across the map with c4? I had too much fun with that 😂

    MegaDargarMegaDargarMåned siden
  • Modern warfare 2 and BC2 were so ahead of their time

    Robert WlandowskiRobert WlandowskiMåned siden
  • I wish they would make Battlefield like this again.... miss these days so much :(

    Survivor Number 1Survivor Number 1Måned siden
  • I miss when Rush was king, man.

    MELONMELONMåned siden
  • I loved all of the battlefield trash talk and profanity especially from the American soldiers.

    Robert ERobert EMåned siden
  • It's 2020 and this game looks still amazing🤙🏽🔥

    CAR NAGECAR NAGEMåned siden
  • This is legitimately one of my favorite games of all time. Vietnam expansion was amazing as well. I loved how snipers had realistic hip fire. The range of shotguns. Sniping with slug shotguns. God I miss it. I wish they'd release a remaster.

    Mr. BofoMr. BofoMåned siden
  • This video just made me sad.......

    TheWalkingBadTheWalkingBadMåned siden
  • SV98 headshots and Valparaiso rush in my heart 4ever

    Eugenio La-MancheEugenio La-MancheMåned siden
  • This was my entry into the world of Battlefield. I loved this game so much.

    James KingJames KingMåned siden
  • If you'd like to play this game still theres few servers atleast on PC. It wont need much out of your computers these days so go and refresh those memories my dudes!

    JyretsJyretsMåned siden
  • Who wants bc2 remastered to come out?

    Retro HirosRetro HirosMåned siden
  • ahh! the memories. The start of my battlefield carrier :D

    OggiOggiMåned siden
  • No asian players :( i missed it.

    Etsu DkEtsu DkMåned siden
  • Panama Canal on a quad bike 😜

    Darren HuntingtonDarren HuntingtonMåned siden
  • Vietnam in this game was even better!

  • The destruction, the sound effects, the large maps! This game ruined COD for me lol. I havent played COD since this game was released.

    Tyler1989Tyler1989Måned siden
  • My favourite of all rime. Miss those days so much :'(

  • Best battlefield of all time easily and the most satisfying gunplay/game modes

    Tim HolmesTim HolmesMåned siden
  • Best Battlefield to date. Back when gaming was good.

    Grossmesser1Grossmesser1Måned siden
  • Now i want to replay this.

    the mysterious Gentlementhe mysterious GentlemenMåned siden
  • God bless the VSS.

    JR NYCJR NYCMåned siden
  • Back in the day, anybody was up for some good ol BBC

    Ber CorBer CorMåned siden
  • Guys, BC2 still alive to this day on PC! I strongly suggest you to buy it on steam or origin (they share the same server). We play it everyday with full servers! A must-have game specially for people who does not have a gaming PC.

    Roger SalgadoRoger SalgadoMåned siden