Call of Duty Warzone - Deadliest Sniper...

27. sep.. 2020
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COD Warzone Sniping is so much fun! Especially the mid air shots. Playing in an A Tier Squad here with @Aculite @StoneMountain64 @Tomographic Leave a LIKE and a comment, thanks for watching.

  • whats the setup??

    SenorPoopus21SenorPoopus2120 dager siden
  • Bu

    [Diesel][Diesel]20 dager siden
  • That last push for the win was just amazing what a rush!!!

    Shafique KalungiShafique Kalungi24 dager siden
  • What are your Kar attachments

    Stewart ShieldsStewart Shields28 dager siden
  • Dinky horn, endless laughter.

    HightizHightiz29 dager siden
  • really dont give a shit about creator codes, how about everytime we buy something, you give us the percentage?....

    iBRCKsHDiBRCKsHDMåned siden
  • This video aged well didn't it - R700 - cough -

    dj manixdj manixMåned siden
  • Eu não sei, só sei que estou aqui no Brasil assistindo você ♡ I love yours videos ♡

    TEXUGOTEXUGOMåned siden
  • I got to pop into the stream for this gameplay. Truly a dirty new sniper, and it was horrifying to see the efficiency of the squad. XD

    Daniels BarrowDaniels BarrowMåned siden
  • What gun is that? They keep saying Kar 98k but it doesnt look like one. A custom HDR?

    GlorifiedGlorifiedMåned siden
  • Oh God, The Dream Team is back

    Thilly SaundersThilly SaundersMåned siden
  • Team-up with Rockst4r please!!!

    jaysii 97jaysii 97Måned siden
  • I miss having a squad with good communication like this.

    Omega-KibaOmega-KibaMåned siden
  • 6:22 brutal kill.

    Gen MiaoGen MiaoMåned siden
  • Zombies are ready in cold war

    Jay RossJay RossMåned siden
  • The fat squad

    안드레이안드레이Måned siden
  • Hi Jack.

    Abhinandan S. PAbhinandan S. PMåned siden
  • When you were tryna reload those gas mask animations must have been so annoying lol

    MemeMasterMemeMasterMåned siden
  • Treyarch if you're reading this we really fucking need zombies lmao.

    Peyton AlmondPeyton AlmondMåned siden
  • This didn't age well with the R700 in the game for szn six

    Morgy DeeMorgy DeeMåned siden
  • Who would have known that the best assault weapon is the HDR

    The official Church of scuntsThe official Church of scuntsMåned siden
  • What is the communication system that these guys use for tactical maneuvers. Is there a name for it? Where can you learn it. I have no idea what they are saying half the time once they get into it.

    Michael BrockMichael BrockMåned siden
  • Aculite, StoneMountain64, and Jack Vs Handler, Futives and ImMarksman.

    Germs CortésGerms CortésMåned siden
  • Which scope is that on the kar

    Logan BLogan BMåned siden
  • Metro stations... another punch to battlefield

    bucwolfbucwolfMåned siden
  • guy in the train had an asval !!!!!!!!!

    Dylan BareDylan BareMåned siden
  • Jack: What are you using on your kar in this video?

    Bruh BrigadeBruh BrigadeMåned siden
  • Deadliest sniper “Kark98” gets one kill with the Kark98 then uses the HDR for the rest of the video.

    Dave MahoneyVGDave MahoneyVGMåned siden
  • *Everybody is sniper until sniper starts sniping*

    Rohit ChawdaRohit ChawdaMåned siden
  • "betwix the trees?" HA

    2KGrind092KGrind09Måned siden
  • Geezers ackin.

    Rusty JohnsonRusty JohnsonMåned siden
  • Deadliest Team Around

    Bri SwayBri SwayMåned siden
  • Impressive play to watch. However a completely different feeling to be on the receiving end of this.

    mrseqmrseqMåned siden
  • Can you do a video about Squad?

    Zakaria BehrendtzZakaria BehrendtzMåned siden
  • Remind me never ever to play when you guys are on 🖖

    James ScrimJames ScrimMåned siden
  • What's your pc specs?

    MatkisDMatkisDMåned siden
  • Squad is finally released. Please give it another shot!

    RamdiRamdiMåned siden
  • circles

    Valerie CastellsValerie CastellsMåned siden
  • Keep up the good work Jack! Like your videos and your channel. Who sees this comment Smile, be happy, you are one of a kind!

    Awesome and FunnyAwesome and FunnyMåned siden
  • a.k.a. The Cleanup Crew, nice squadplay guys

    MDK81MDK81Måned siden
  • Jack with the cleanest shot in Warzone, he doesn't miss!

    Y are U GoodY are U GoodMåned siden
  • If u see this team in ur lobby just back out and live to fight another day...

    OlddirtytigerOlddirtytigerMåned siden
  • 1:57 Stone: Damn jack... Jack: Dude its not me! its the kar98 enemy 1: did you just get killed by jackfrags? enemy 2: no dude!! its the kar98!

    Agung KurniawanAgung KurniawanMåned siden
  • jack huge fan bro , i proposed to odell beckham jr and dr disrespect to 2v2 against you and david beckham USA vs GB greetings from michigan

    ZagdigglerZagdigglerMåned siden
  • Wow,Nice video. I like it. Thanks you.

    mjvids gamingmjvids gamingMåned siden
  • So no talk about the game Squad on steam then?

    InlineMadLadInlineMadLadMåned siden
  • I always use your code, my guy. Every purchase.

    Benjamin FranklinBenjamin FranklinMåned siden
  • You guys should sign for the army.. The skills dude

    ded asded asMåned siden
  • These squad videos are always so much fun to watch

    dolebiscuitdolebiscuitMåned siden
  • Great video with some fantastic rounds of Warzone Jack!!! Loving the content!!!

    Dylan AndersonDylan AndersonMåned siden
  • Sniper class setup?

    leader003leader003Måned siden
  • Can you pls tell me what riffle you using with what attachments? Thanks in advance

    Ivan MartinIvan MartinMåned siden
  • Jack that Kar...dang!

    JPJPMåned siden
  • So happy they're adding Mia Khalifa on MW

    Johnny AngelJohnny AngelMåned siden
  • Man that was fun to watch!

    Jonathan MillerJonathan MillerMåned siden
  • My favourite group, love the content guys!!

    Tim HipkissTim HipkissMåned siden
  • All the hacking makes me hate this game but when i watch Jack i wanna git some!

    Corey JamesCorey JamesMåned siden
  • what is your loadout Jack?

    Michael SheehanMichael SheehanMåned siden
  • Best sniper? More like a lovely sniper Watch the player “Recrent”

    Alexandru BivolAlexandru BivolMåned siden
  • Ok so I just had 2 SOLO battle royale games and the other players where TRIOS, am I missing something...?

    Tommy JonesTommy JonesMåned siden
  • Jack u r so good with the sniper

    baguera23 tapiabaguera23 tapiaMåned siden
  • Holy crap that scope flash snipe at the end was legendary

    BeergnomeBeergnomeMåned siden
  • Aculite, tomographic, stone & jack.. hoping you'll play together always guys. I love this team. ❤️❤️❤️

    Ghost RyleighGhost RyleighMåned siden
  • Great matches 👍

    Max GamingMax GamingMåned siden
  • Hey mate! love your vids! any chanse u would like to visit my new chanel and give some tips :D ?

    DenzooDenzooMåned siden
  • what attachments does the kar98 have?

    KonichisanKonichisanMåned siden

    Learning It QuietlyLearning It QuietlyMåned siden
  • the perfect quad squad doesn’t exis..............

    Kenneth WilsonKenneth WilsonMåned siden
  • Idudibablee betwixxed!

    ELB67ELB67Måned siden
  • jacksfrags does not miss

    jonesjonesMåned siden
  • the HackFrags is real

    Roch RhodesRoch RhodesMåned siden
  • Has anyone seen the trailer with the saw laughing at the end

    Amazing_Nugget21YTAmazing_Nugget21YTMåned siden
  • I killed a dude yesterday with the mp5 from 95 meters

    Cursed lunaticCursed lunaticMåned siden
  • The mask animation is so dumb, they need to get rid of it.

    Avi _levAvi _levMåned siden
  • Anyone else finding warzone really difficult lately? Iv hardly had a win in weeks when it first came out I was getting wins every other game seems people’s skill level has really upped over the past 2 seasons

    C JJC JJMåned siden
    • Yep. Last 1-2 weeks it has been insanely difficult for me and my squad.

      B RB RMåned siden
  • Hey Jack, with all the weed skins added to Warzone: Do you have an opinion on the weed topic in general? With you being from the UK I think?

    sry4headsry4headMåned siden
    • As someone not from the UK, I feel more people smoke weed in the UK than Canada.. I think the main consensus is, if you legalise and regulate it, less people do it (or as often) and most people would probably look to legalise it, but it's so easy to get it doesn't really make a difference. From my experience nobody does more drugs than 16-22 British school/uni students haha. Coke and MD more than others though

      Conn BennConn BennMåned siden
  • Jack those snipes are disgusting! Keep it up bro 🤙🏻

    Jay8MillerJay8MillerMåned siden
  • What happened to the warzone music build up towards the end of a game?

    Ben O'RourkeBen O'RourkeMåned siden
  • I see jack. I see Aculite. I upvote.

    Michael MervineMichael MervineMåned siden
  • Advertiser friendly comment for the algorithm

    LasseLasseMåned siden
  • Waited way too long to see this as a squad!. awesome play!, you are just amazing!...

    gameofkillergameofkillerMåned siden
  • But who was the commanding officer?? 😂😂

    rayeasomrayeasomMåned siden
  • Do you prefer ar and sniper over shotgun and ar? Warzone is fun

    Jordan ButlerJordan ButlerMåned siden
  • This whole year passed praying to God that may I get a gaming laptop but my luck is worse

    Usman AizedUsman AizedMåned siden
  • Which side is he on? Outside!

    R KR KMåned siden
  • wow this season went fast

    Dark AurumDark AurumMåned siden
  • I hope everyone is happy and okay during these difficult times we are facing amen and god bless BTW im a underrated call of duty youtuber:)

    SpiritEndzSpiritEndzMåned siden
  • hi Jack, what build do you use for KAR98 in this video?

    Peter PulchnyPeter PulchnyMåned siden
  • What are the attachements of the M4?

    Martin MaldonadoMartin MaldonadoMåned siden
  • yes on that m16 + holo-sight combo

    戦姫戦姫Måned siden
  • Jackfrags do lot of frags :D guud job,man ( :

    Ľubomír GENERÁLIS KlučiarĽubomír GENERÁLIS KlučiarMåned siden
  • who ever reads this we become heathy and rich one day ♥️

    Claw EuClaw EuMåned siden
  • What a team 👏👌

    G.V. BeatsG.V. BeatsMåned siden
  • Yeah ! One Mag for kill. Arcade. Fantasy.

    ProEvo EditerProEvo EditerMåned siden
  • You're a *monster* Jack! ... definitely gonna use your name in supportacreator

    Experi MetalfanExperi MetalfanMåned siden
  • Oh shit..jack,tomo,aculite,stone

    water Twater TMåned siden
  • The collab ive been waiting

    Clifford AbiaClifford AbiaMåned siden
  • What’s that M4 build ?

    fossilfernfossilfernMåned siden
  • Jack you are indubitably the best. Please change your name to Jackbags: T bags and body bags. It’s good ol physiological warfare

    Thicc MerccThicc MerccMåned siden
  • We're waiting for some battlefield 6 info

    USSR Gaming.USSR Gaming.Måned siden