Hell Let Loose - The Battle of Carentan is Awesome!

19. juli. 2020
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Hell Let Loose - Fighting in the streets of Carentan is very immersive. Join me for some super realistic and immersive WWII Gameplay! Leave a LIKE and a comment, thanks for watching. New Warzone T-Shirt - bit.ly/shopjackfrags

  • The devs just sent me some codes for this if anyone wants them. Activate on steam! 6LF6G-GKIEL-LWTJP ZPPI9-A8YFR-7DGV4 6TAJP-CM5ET-XKRPB YF9NQ-QFX22-BPMT2 KJMI4-P942A-6ZWB9

    jackfragsjackfrags3 måneder siden

      Slobadan MikôcyábychSlobadan Mikôcyábych2 måneder siden
    • Im way late to this but the first person saw rhis couldve potentially taken them all....

      Alec nolastnameAlec nolastname3 måneder siden
    • @Thjold thank you for being a decent human and saying you claimed it lol

      ArjiaArjia3 måneder siden

      Diabolus_MusicaDiabolus_Musica3 måneder siden
    • My mates son does the sound effects for this game. I got it very early stages and seems to come on alot since last year

      Atlas RockAtlas Rock3 måneder siden
  • KAnnsT dU eINe GaRNiSion bAUeN?

    DestoryDestory2 dager siden
  • "Drop an ammo box bro" - 1941 GEORGE

    GHST projectGHST project2 dager siden
  • hallmark movies 2019

    Jimmy ThompsonJimmy Thompson3 dager siden
  • This is battlefield v done right

    Ghnan RohitGhnan Rohit5 dager siden
  • Never played this... but most people play in teams... so if you kill one... be aware that there will be others....you got killed twice dur to this...

    ROY FRROY FR5 dager siden
  • So what specs

    Alex a war pigeonAlex a war pigeon7 dager siden
  • 0:43 damn son

    Marius-Alexandru ȘimonMarius-Alexandru Șimon7 dager siden
  • Good play makes the game look good! I'm still weighing Hell VS Scriptum.

    Bernard TremblayBernard Tremblay9 dager siden
  • Jack is fighting the classic Wehrmacht Speilberg division. An elite force of German soldiers depicted in Saving Private Ryan and Band of Brothers. They dominate the battlefield by standing up fully exposed during gunfights, running about yelling schnell and just getting cut to pieces by any and all opposition. Truly a force to be feared.

    JackJack10 dager siden
  • Am I the only one who just wants to put out how angry they are that there is no D-Day in BFV

    VisualGamingVisualGaming12 dager siden
  • You fukn make every fps look like the most amazing shit then I jump on and I got two left feet !! I like your style Mr. Frags

    LeoLeo13 dager siden

    Herman WillemHerman Willem15 dager siden
  • And out of nowhere all youtubers stop playing it for some reason wtf

    Zeldris The ExecutionerZeldris The Executioner18 dager siden
  • Hows the learning curve for this game? I just got into pc gaming a few weeks back and have my eyes on this game

    Jacob RuddJacob Rudd18 dager siden
  • I have Post Scriptum... people who have both how does HLL compare? More "skirmish" mode like Insurgency/Rising Storm?

    Jared NealeighJared Nealeigh18 dager siden
  • they should remove the friendly player name tag to make it more realistic like squad

    CyberArtsCyberArts18 dager siden
  • When compared to BFV, this game is like in super slow motion mode

    tWiTTeR chAtBoTtWiTTeR chAtBoT29 dager siden
  • You need to bring the Neebs crew in to this.

    BMXPain shannonBMXPain shannon29 dager siden
  • @0:50 sec: "That's why they put me in the army boys!" 🤣👍🏼

    monsterMike62monsterMike62Måned siden
  • Like the Garand isn't already OP enough, they decided to give it a fantasy rear-sight too. Absolutely blatant and disgusting allied bias, intended to do nothing more than whore revenue from the US market.

    PanzerlangPanzerlangMåned siden
  • Where there's bombs, there's Grande.

    JimsyJimsyMåned siden
  • The battle of karentown

    Noah SwanNoah SwanMåned siden
  • luh kel

    Trisha GodinTrisha GodinMåned siden
  • I tried this. I ran for a half of an hour on an endless field, got killed a few times out of nowhere, (just like this guy in the video) and uninstalled. So many Battlefield copies today...

    Pero CiglaPero CiglaMåned siden
  • Watching people who are really good at fps is good clean fun because most likely they can barely walk to the refrigerator and back much less be accurate with a fully loaded m1 Garand.

    Mr. WednesdayMr. WednesdayMåned siden
  • it feels like everyone in this game is either german or french. but I dont mind because im german too

    leMolunkleMolunkMåned siden
  • A realistic war game is all we want. Authentic and gritty. No kill feed so you don't know if you got a kill. Critical injury is an awesome feature. This game seems well down.

    JokersOblivionJokersOblivionMåned siden
  • I'm buying a laptop. This looks amazing.

    nailler 9nailler 9Måned siden
  • Playing as axis is more fun Push allies out of town LOL ITS JUST A GAMe WANT LEGENDARY SOVIET UNION HERE

    Decsec X_029Decsec X_029Måned siden
  • Man I wanna play this game so had... wish a had a better comp

    GavinGavinMåned siden
  • Eeeeerikaaaaa!

    Elmo Gone WildElmo Gone WildMåned siden
  • This game is trash lmao, like really what game based off major war and conflict allows you to admire planes and constantly look at your map ? Yeah and this folks is why everyone has moved on past this trash

    Huggins1115Huggins1115Måned siden
  • Seeing a Sherman turn round a corner always gives me goosebumps, absolute monsters of a vehicle!

    Bob Boggins1x1Bob Boggins1x1Måned siden
  • Axis ffs

    Realist 1801Realist 1801Måned siden
  • Oh No! Not another ****ing WWII FPS

    Crimson's BeardCrimson's BeardMåned siden
  • Is this an Arma III WWII Mod?

    Crimson's BeardCrimson's BeardMåned siden
  • Is this the latest edition to Day of Defeat?

    Crimson's BeardCrimson's BeardMåned siden
  • Is this a Post Scriptum MOD?

    Crimson's BeardCrimson's BeardMåned siden
  • Is this a Heros & Generals update?

    Crimson's BeardCrimson's BeardMåned siden
  • i hope they release this awesome game to console

    Rick lessRick lessMåned siden
  • where is cafe normandie ?

    HerrKatzeHerrKatzeMåned siden
  • if i saw this video 2 days a go i would have bought the game but now i am broke :(

    Gilo_ ZGilo_ ZMåned siden
  • Carentan? more like "wheres my floaties?"

    FishingHippieFishingHippieMåned siden
  • Talks so much to say nothing xD "where should I go now?" With your own squad? playing as a team?

    PirzoPirzoMåned siden
  • Is this game a mupltiplayer?

    exodus24 zexodus24 zMåned siden
  • I want to learn more about this game before buying it on steam. are the enemies AI?

    Dylon2016Dylon2016Måned siden
  • The hardest part about this game: navigating bushes, finding lethal pixels.

    Logan HebertLogan HebertMåned siden
  • About to get my first actual gaming pc. Can't wait to play this game.

    Ross M.Ross M.Måned siden
  • “Can’t believe they didn’t do this in BFV”..... I feel like a lot of people share this sentiment

    Michael ShorttMichael ShorttMåned siden
  • "Bro drop an ammobox!" "Thanks Bro" -random conversation between 2 us soldiers, Carentan, WW II

    Yassine B.Yassine B.Måned siden
  • Reminds me of my favorite Band of Brothers episode!

    K JK JMåned siden
  • "This Garand is strong isn't it" 30.06 is a big ol' round lol

    graveyardrumblersgraveyardrumblersMåned siden
  • insurgency sandstorm but with gameplay like this would have been awesome. I still like sandstorm alot but i think it could be so much better if they would update the game more

    WadeesWadeesMåned siden
  • In an effort to cater to things people don't really give a shit about, Dice took it even a step further with the uninteresting maps they released for BFV. Straight garbage maps of battles no one cares about.

    Jimmy StrudelJimmy StrudelMåned siden
  • Y isn’t bf5 like this . They should make a console version of this

    Jake PeartJake PeartMåned siden
  • FINALLY they came out with a realistic wwii shooter...bout time........

    Francis PhillipeckFrancis PhillipeckMåned siden
  • Ya know. I love watching Jack play the game and all but he's not using voice chat at all to communicate with squad mates which is quite literally how you're supposed to play.

    Pablo B. RubioPablo B. Rubio2 måneder siden
  • 12:24 made me realize jack is human like the rest of us lol

    Nick MelNick Mel2 måneder siden
  • I’m going to save up for a PC NOW!!!! This is what I wanted in a video game 🙏🏼😑 I was comfortable using the PS4 but after this I NEED to evolve my platform. BRO! Nice shot a 5:32 the helmet action 😂🤣👌🏼

    ROLLING-117ROLLING-1172 måneder siden
  • this is a game ive been thinking about getting for a while but im still not sure, it looks amazing but it also looks like the type of game where you can go a while without seeing people and im just not sure, if anybody has some opinions about this game let me now how it is.

    mark cmark c2 måneder siden
  • This is what BF should of done with BF 5

    Elay KElay K2 måneder siden
  • Gave you thumbs-up just for that excellent double-play at the beginning.

    Jason BlumJason Blum2 måneder siden
  • if you can get it to load ....... carentan,st mer eglise and st marie du mont just lock up and dont load for me. worked perfect 2 weeks ago, now .....nothing. reinstalling the game later .wish me luck.

    Steve CavenderSteve Cavender2 måneder siden
  • I feel like a British person saying "isn't it" instead of "innit" is the same as how some (respectable) US Army soldiers say "Sergeant" instead of "SARN'T." Good on you, Mate (pronounced Matey...because I'm American).

    Mahky MahkMahky Mahk2 måneder siden
  • Fab game - CoD2 born again for the vets. Excellent.

    conny lakeconny lake2 måneder siden
  • This looks really good.

    Christopher ShubaChristopher Shuba2 måneder siden
  • No game can ever bet the game-play and especially the Graphics of Battlefield ? Looks more like Day of Defeat ?

    AustinPetDetectiveAustinPetDetective2 måneder siden
  • Character runs like a fucking fat raccooonn 😂👌🏻 I’ll pass

    christian hornsbychristian hornsby2 måneder siden
  • its ok game

    CraziesCrazies2 måneder siden
  • What game is that bf5?

    Vegeta ErazoVegeta Erazo2 måneder siden
  • Great video :) Thanks Jack! Would love to see another one esp. with some of your mates playing to.

    rory kinahanrory kinahan2 måneder siden
  • It's not a game that I have the opportunity to play but I'm really enjoying the gameplay

    Paul O'DwyerPaul O'Dwyer2 måneder siden
  • I'm sorry, was that 9 shots in the Garand before the ping? WTF kinda shit is that? It's an 8-round en-bloc clip... at 1:17

    macdaddymariomacdaddymario2 måneder siden
  • You're never gonna run out of ammo, use your ammo box to refill on grenades

    Cory ThackstonCory Thackston2 måneder siden
  • it kills me to see all those blue and green blobs :/

    snuffeldjuretsnuffeldjuret2 måneder siden
  • Love the battle for Carentan!

    Tracy MillerTracy Miller2 måneder siden
  • 3:45 something out of a movie right there.

    CM jaramilloCM jaramillo2 måneder siden
  • Best sounding garand of any game. Makes you feel like it really is a .30-06 you are sending screamin out.

    Matty IceMatty Ice2 måneder siden
  • Who remembers CoD1 Carentan? :)

    Christoph MeyerChristoph Meyer2 måneder siden
  • Hope this gets a console port later on

    Rufus HammondRufus Hammond2 måneder siden
  • I wish they make this game for consoles , I wanna play this pretty badly .

    Wafflez-Man-Wafflez-Man-2 måneder siden
  • Can you be the Americans? All the gameplay I see is people playing as the Germans....

    Alexander LutherAlexander Luther2 måneder siden
  • Das Spiel ist zu empfehlen, also kaufen? 😉

    Micha S.Micha S.2 måneder siden
  • Hey Jack ! I'm french and i live in normandie near to the real Carentan ! And the hell let loose's map is ery good accurate with the village of Carentan !

    N4vY'sN4vY's2 måneder siden
  • us models should be paratroopers tho

    bilwitbilwit2 måneder siden
  • jackfrags re 4:30 just checked with Google maps and yeh, this map is actually spot on accurate..awesome ;-)

    llokkeellokkee2 måneder siden
  • I really enjoy it when Jack takes a deep breath after a good kill.

    SchmevelSchmevel2 måneder siden
  • So I got great closeup vision, but not so great long distance vision... I find when I play these games that shit somehow translates into the game too. I can't see shit compared to what these NOworldrs are able to see in this game & Post-Scriptum

    Kublai KhanKublai Khan2 måneder siden
  • How is your antialising?Is it turned on or not?

    Adam KostýlekAdam Kostýlek2 måneder siden
  • 4:37 German voice reporting "Enemy outpost down".

    Johan De CréeJohan De Crée2 måneder siden
  • (7:45) "Dice please" < I think Jack has been playing too much Battlefront!

    Paradise DecayParadise Decay2 måneder siden
  • 1:15 9 rounds from the M1? Pretty sure you can't load 8+1 in the M1 because the clip won't go down low enough to prevent the bolt from catching the top round, anyone know for sure?

    Matthew BrownMatthew Brown2 måneder siden
  • Und das heißt Erika!!

    Franz Josef1914Franz Josef19142 måneder siden
  • Post is better

    Damon VitoDamon Vito2 måneder siden
  • Whats your name on HLL?

    Richard HoggardRichard Hoggard2 måneder siden
  • Brothers in Arms??? Miss that game.

    RedEyedJEdi410RedEyedJEdi4102 måneder siden
  • Can we get this on consoles please

    Max RockatanskyMax Rockatansky2 måneder siden
  • man I gotta have this in my library

    NordScumNordScum2 måneder siden
  • this looks so good and yet so slow at the same time. Ill defo check it out

    Mark KidsleyMark Kidsley2 måneder siden