RTX 3080 Review - INSANE Performance!

16. sep.. 2020
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RTX 3080 Review. This graphics card is nuts. A less technical review focused on game performance and experience. Hope you guys like this, if you do hit that LIKE button below to help the channel! Thank you. Full specs: i9 9900K 5Ghz, 32GB DDR4 3200mhz, NVME SSD, 1000W PSU.

  • thanks 1440p! I just have a 6700k cpu right now going to upgrade to amd 5800x when it comes out yeah!! :)

    sandeep pillysandeep pilly2 dager siden
  • I wait for the memes "when owner realize 4080 coming out for 399"

    Ured.Noobjuz /Ured.Noobjuz /2 dager siden
  • So was anyone able to buy one yet? :)

    Glenn KamersGlenn Kamers5 dager siden
  • Imaging playing Fortnite with this card

    Bogdan SemenchenkoBogdan Semenchenko5 dager siden
  • oooOoOOoOoOoOOoOoOoOoooOoF

    DP HiyoDP Hiyo6 dager siden
  • i have the same setup only getting 120 fps

    brayan fajardobrayan fajardo6 dager siden
  • I'm waiting to see what AMD shows us next week. Also want all the kinks worked out before I fork over that type of cash. I don't want to be a beta tester.

    Dirty BakerDirty Baker6 dager siden
  • *Watching Amazing Graphics* "So this is actaully at the lowest settigs"

    Herbie.eHerbie.e6 dager siden
  • I think next gpu gen I'll switch to 1440p or maybe even 4k who knows how will the performance turn out to be

    NoItsMyHeadNoItsMyHead7 dager siden
  • Yes but how do we get one. Ffs never thought I'd be looking from outside seeing all these people enjoy their nice toy while seeing "out of stock/sold out" everywhere all the time. Triggered everytine I see a new one lol

    Timeless PulseTimeless Pulse8 dager siden
  • lol esports

    gonzalo moyagonzalo moya9 dager siden
  • is it better then the 280 tripper fan rtx

    kristian nodlandkristian nodland10 dager siden
  • Ee

    HeroHero11 dager siden
  • Thanks, already bought it 🥰

    Jordan LeeJordan Lee12 dager siden
  • Thinking about pairing this card with a 8700k any thoughts ?

    Fox250RFox250R13 dager siden
  • Just curious how many frames it would get on Valorant

    DoOmSTARRDoOmSTARR13 dager siden
  • this thing isnt worth it right now because no game can be laggy with this

    Danish SolihinDanish Solihin13 dager siden
  • how long did u play Warzone, I got my 3080 and Warzone stutters alot, on a fresh boot the first game might be really smooth but then after that it starts to chug

    tinostarkstinostarks15 dager siden
  • RTX 3080. Jack: YESS!

    TheTargetlockonTheTargetlockon16 dager siden
  • rod wave

    Бодан БогданБодан Богдан16 dager siden
  • you mean mad?

    Truedau MoralesTruedau Morales17 dager siden
  • Did he say which monitor he used exactly ?

    Ali F.Ali F.18 dager siden
  • I played club penguin with my 3080 😎

    plebkoolaidplebkoolaid19 dager siden
  • Game name for 1:14 and 0:47 please?

    CaloGramicCaloGramic19 dager siden
  • Just bought my RTX 3080 I can’t wait

    Sensor_ MannSensor_ Mann19 dager siden
  • LOL Why would you get a 240 hz 1440p monitor and not a 4K. Big oooff.

    umainebearmanumainebearman20 dager siden
  • Play on 21:9 at 3440 - 1440...

    Heka KainHeka Kain21 dag siden
  • What are you pc specs?

    Z3koZ3ko21 dag siden
  • " i would say if you only game at 1080p maybe its not worth the upgrade... o wow you are out of touch with most gamers.. my 1070 can do 60 fps in almost every game i own at 2k thats a cheaper 2016 card... steam hardware stats for september is the 1060 is the highest card used...yes that 299... launch card vs this 799 4 years late card... # out of touch

    simlife445simlife44521 dag siden
  • This would be quite un upgrade from my 1050ti :D

    Jēkabs Jānis KalniņšJēkabs Jānis Kalniņš21 dag siden
  • meanwhile me playing warzone with 30-40 fps with shutter

    FG brosFG bros22 dager siden
  • What if your on 1440p with 144hz is it still worth it?

    Volume ZeroVolume Zero22 dager siden
  • 3:13 that shadow tho 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Low Profile13Low Profile1322 dager siden
  • if i was you i would get 3600 mhz ram instead of 3200

    Arav SandhalaArav Sandhala22 dager siden

    The MistakeThe Mistake23 dager siden
  • Fornite is so smooth

    Flash 2000Flash 200024 dager siden
  • Not exactly a 3090...

    HappablappHappablapp24 dager siden
  • Anything would be better than the terrible implementation of ray tracing in the 20xx series. Even the Ti couldn’t do anything but stutter.

    Yardstick Of CivilizationYardstick Of Civilization24 dager siden
  • *Laughs in M O B I L E 1050 2 gb*

    Dee SnutsDee Snuts24 dager siden
  • **Laughs at gt 540**

    Meriam FuentesMeriam Fuentes26 dager siden
  • Cant wait to get my hands on that GPU to play among us and minecraft!!

    Silver JaySilver Jay26 dager siden
  • Is that's mother board Z390???

    Dimas Satria GumilarDimas Satria Gumilar26 dager siden
  • happy for the green team if you guys enjoy it ! for me nvidia is done wont be buying any of their pricy graphics card but if you guys do good :) hope you enjoy it !!

    Mathieu LefebvreMathieu Lefebvre26 dager siden
  • You should give your 2080 ti away

    NotMakooNotMakoo26 dager siden
  • I'm gonna go from an RX580 to the 3070 .... excited to see the difference.

    Richard GRichard G27 dager siden
  • I have a problem with this I have this card with the best possible parts I can get but for some reason I can’t play war zone higher than low graphics normal gets laggy and it crashes I have good WiFi I just need help

    Bman805 UnknownBman805 Unknown27 dager siden
    • i dont know a solution for ur problem, but just dont play on wifi. play on ethernet (wired internet)

      MatyuuMatyuu26 dager siden
  • while this isnt related to the 3080, more so for the dlss, on some games I have to have the dlss off because it looks extremely pixelated on edges that really noticable, with no performance gain at all, sometimes even worse performance than without, idk why other people are getting good quality and better performance with dlss on

    Disappointed TofuDisappointed Tofu27 dager siden
  • Laptop spesification Me : Intel HD graphics

    Clip MOTIONClip MOTION28 dager siden
  • I only have a 1030 if any one has a card I could have please

    Squashio _GamesSquashio _Games28 dager siden
  • I’m gonna buy it to run google

    ツRuOnMobileツRuOnMobile28 dager siden
  • Sub 60 with highest setting and 4k with RTX on metro exodus. Not good for a new card. I think I will wait for the 40 series to beast well over 60.

    Cat ManCat Man28 dager siden
  • jack could you maybe give us your monitor settings?

    TriGGerTriGGer28 dager siden
  • So hard to find VR benchmarks inside all the pancake clutter

    ziher123ziher12328 dager siden
  • Someone needs to use this card for Minecraft with optifine

    peter odonnellpeter odonnell28 dager siden
  • I still have my 960 I got from Witcher 3 ;D

    nanaki85nanaki8528 dager siden
  • 30% faster then 2080ti, but also uses 30% more power, wouldn't call that insane

    Jeffrey BozkoJeffrey Bozko28 dager siden
  • my pc lagged from watchin this ffs

    FBI -FBI -28 dager siden
  • Hi I’m getting this just to play league of legend 🙃

    posh poshposh posh29 dager siden
  • If only I could fuckin get one

    firstnamedylanfirstnamedylan29 dager siden
  • I'm using the 3080 and the performance is poor, like it can't even get me the same fps my 1080ti got, is there a setting or something that you've changed?

    Jo-EJo-E29 dager siden
  • I'm sold, just wish it were possible to get one.

    xZachattack32xxZachattack32x29 dager siden
    • :(

      SoughtSought27 dager siden
  • here all these high resolution talk and watching the video in 480p

    shankhshankh29 dager siden
  • What monitor do you have?

    JimmyDawgJimmyDawg29 dager siden
  • I remember when 20fps was the standard

    47J17p29 X47J17p29 X29 dager siden
  • You forgot to mention gamers nexus. He's the guy to go for these reviews.

    Sergio CeSergio CeMåned siden
  • technology is advancing quick man

    RetrokeRetrokeMåned siden
  • Honestly if i did purchased a 2080ti i would be pissed as hell knowing how NV screwed up their fans with 2xxx series...

    HIpigoRE1HIpigoRE1Måned siden
  • Insane performance but no availability, I want to buy one on thursday but they all sold out and no one seems to know when they will be back in stock, fucking scalpers man.

    Clean Screen GamingClean Screen GamingMåned siden
  • RTX 2080 TI: what is my purpose...

    EliEliMåned siden
  • why people think 1440p is that resolution xd missing 1080p reviews. at 2k the game isnt better or you have more details you had just more pixels thats insane why people think the game looks better xD

    myhTmyhTMåned siden
  • Jay-Z 2 cents is definitely my favourite tech youtuber.

    MasterDeanariusMasterDeanariusMåned siden
  • Yo JackBags you’re the man, can you please show what mother board, power supply, and monitor?

    Thicc MerccThicc MerccMåned siden
  • Can anybody give all game list in video?

  • It's an interesting video, but I'm not sure what's the value in measuring 1440p performance, when 4k is slowly becoming the standard. Maybe it's just my wonky brain that thinks this, but the correct leap would be from 1080p to 4k, as I feel that difference is much more staggering than 1080p to 1440p (at least in native rendering terms). At least as a level designer I feel the difference pretty hard when working with textures and seeing them in-game.

    GamingReviewsGamingReviewsMåned siden
    • because the 3080 still isn't getting 144+ fps on highest graphics settings in 1440p. i dont know about u but im sure 1440p and 4k doesnt matter as much as turning the graphics higher. as a level designer, u should know that 4k doesnt polish low textures

      Raiden XTRaiden XTMåned siden
  • i9-9900k (ekwb mono-block, 5ghz all-cores), G7 (1440p 240hz), 64gb 3200mhz, and an Index (2x 1440x1600 144hz) and a 2070 strix :( Sooo yea, 3080 is not gonna cut it, gonna need that 3090 strix. k thanks, bye!

  • Did you try Squad Jack?

    DeanDeanMåned siden
  • who remembers when 3080 was still king, still an incredible card though for the price

    moonji Munjimoonji MunjiMåned siden
  • @jackfrags have you been getting any crashes?

    Solo1776Solo1776Måned siden
  • BF5 shit game, bolt actions rifles hitting for -70 like Kar98K? JOKE.

    vonyevonyeMåned siden
  • the ampere launch is a dumpster fire

    Ryan GladstoneRyan GladstoneMåned siden
  • I know some people are gonna get angry for the fact that he got 40 FPS on fortnite but remember that Rtx on fortnite is so so so badly optimized, the game itself is just terribly optimized in general but anyways who cares the games practically dead now

    Ludo _Ludo _Måned siden
  • Can anyone kindly tell me what game is it between 1:31-1:46?

    myutwocarmyutwocarMåned siden
  • Make DayZ bench please!

    FedorFedorMåned siden
  • Insane

    Pleuny EnderlismePleuny EnderlismeMåned siden
  • Am i the only one who thinks the 3070 looks the best? The cross pattern on the 3080 and 3090 is weird and the 3070 is just perfect and more even.

    brody lockwoodbrody lockwoodMåned siden
  • Jack: What's that 1440p, 240hz monitor you are using?

    intrinscintrinscMåned siden
    • Probably a Samsung G7

  • What's the name of the first game he was playing

    Michael HMichael HMåned siden
  • I'm going from a 1080 to a 3080 - can't wait for it to arrive, so freakin excited!

    Mark PointonMark PointonMåned siden
    • I'm going from a 980 can't wait either

      DalamartmDalamartm23 dager siden
  • Upgrade my 1080ti or i7 6900k. Thats hard choice. i play at 1440p/165hz.

    KoobraKoobraMåned siden
  • Hello, very nice review. I wanted to ask you something. Did you use rtx 3080 with the Mainboard with PCIe 3.0 x16? How they worked together? I plan to buy also rtx 3080 but I don't have a new generation Mainboard with PCIe 4.0 x16. What do you think about this? I don't want to buy new 10th generation Prozessor, because I have also i9 9900k. Any suggestions? Thank you in advance.

    sandro ostrovskysandro ostrovskyMåned siden
  • 75,000 bit rate wow

    LyttieLyttieMåned siden
  • Surprisingly out of all the AIB partners, ASUS cards seem to be getting better performance than Gigabyte, EVGA, and MSI Gaming cards.

    :o:oMåned siden
    • Asus always has. Taiwan manufacturing has the highest PCB standards in the world and they partner with samsung in everything. Which is why Asus AIBs are always the highest performing mainstream GPUS, and also the most expensive.

  • If you can ever get one... Thanks to reseller bots ruining new tech sales

    Life TranscendenceLife TranscendenceMåned siden
  • i have a 9700k and a 2060 with a 1080p 240hz monitor, should i get the 3080

    SingleySingleyMåned siden
    • 3080 is not really a 1080p card.

      YRH#002BYRH#002B23 dager siden
    • Yes. 2070 is terrible for 1440p.

  • Reviews with graphs are nice to get like a stats comparison, but always great to hear like actual feedback on how it feels, what your experience is etc

    Hein SmitHein SmitMåned siden
  • He meant to say RTX 3090 right?

    Enam NtiamoahEnam NtiamoahMåned siden
  • what is your monitor? I'm looking for a 2k 240hz or 144hz and 1ms but I can't seem to find any decent monitor for a reasonable price.. please help me

    Alex del pieroAlex del pieroMåned siden
  • Jay-zee-two cents lol

    Ciaran SweetCiaran SweetMåned siden
  • Looked up some articles on the 3080 and people are surprised that they're experiencing crashes and a bunch of problems, my question is what did you expect when you bought the FIRST generation of these cards? Always wait until after they released and had time to fix issues that are bound to come up with new cards

    darkness2156darkness2156Måned siden
    • FYI, it was a hardware issue in very early rushed manufacturing. It's becasue some manufactures (msi, gigabyte, zotac, evga, pny) were using low quality POPSCAPs and hardly any MLCCs. Manufactures have since recalled and changed manufacturing. High quality cards like from asus don't have these issues since they use the highest quality POPSCAPs and all MLCCs.

  • Thanks for the video I have similar specs and I was wondering what the difference would be.

    GhostfleeGhostfleeMåned siden