Watch Dogs Legion Gameplay and First Impressions

14. juli. 2020
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Watchdogs Legion Gameplay. Hands on and first impressions here having a good time hooning around London! Check out the game here - Sponsored by Ubisoft. Leave a LIKE and a comment, thanks for watching.

  • ANYONE READ??????? WHY IS IT SAYING - Pre-Purchase not ''buy'' ???????

    DragFireDragFire2 dager siden
  • Downlaod the game from my channel :D

    Latest GamesLatest Games2 dager siden
  • Looks awful

    Max PayneMax Payne4 dager siden
  • not that much different from watch dogs 2 with the style, only new thing is story and use many characters I think i will play crack first to see if i like it

    Filip CarlssonFilip Carlsson5 dager siden
  • its GTV really though, maybe need something more?

    SchredderSchredder5 dager siden
  • Do you think that the game will have a single player that will play in cooperation. Or just multiplayer?

    RIZECEKRIZECEK6 dager siden
  • Hope this is better than the complete yawn fest ass game that was Watchdogs 2 🤞 looks good here!

    Poop FroggPoop Frogg6 dager siden
  • Looks like a game without soul....

    Mr. chilllMr. chilll8 dager siden
  • Chicago is a pretty decently accurate map in the first game, save for a few small nitpicky things like its a lot smaller than it really should be, Navy Pier is missing the ferris wheel, and two of the 3 baseball stadiums are missing, and Pawnee is a combination of Southern Illinois and Rockford Illinois, (small city north of Chicago.) I heard San Francisco in WD2 is extremely accurate to the real one so i cant wait to see London!

    One Fluffy BoyOne Fluffy Boy9 dager siden
  • Idk man, watchdogs 2 just feels way better. Welp

    Miguel NassifMiguel Nassif10 dager siden
  • Who cares about how they sound that shits minor as hell

    Wayne BeaufordWayne Beauford11 dager siden
  • Well, I’m torn between this game and cyber punk. I thinking cyber punk. Thoughts?

    Skelevra SKSkelevra SK11 dager siden
  • I live in London but this guy knows more about it than me

    Gamer gamer 123 GamerGamer gamer 123 Gamer12 dager siden
  • jack wick sounds like a brand of candle

    sambora123sambora12312 dager siden
  • Its high graphic my pc is cant

    Christian TjiptoChristian Tjipto12 dager siden
  • Watch Dogs 2 remake

    Fairy ClsshFairy Clssh18 dager siden
  • I don't think this games AI nor bugs will withstand a pera-death "hardcore" mode. It would be too infuriating..

    HatterTheMaddHatterTheMadd22 dager siden
  • This Game is pure bullshit

    Nega ZadevajNega Zadevaj22 dager siden
  • Nice they were able to replicate Oblivion NPC dialogues, such a technical marvel

    BigBenBigBen25 dager siden
  • Cand breakup drink

    Alex LloydAlex Lloyd25 dager siden
  • So u can play two people who are basically James Bond and Batman?!!!! I want my pS5!!!!!

    KaelMurdoc95KaelMurdoc9525 dager siden
  • Shrooms talk more

    Alex LloydAlex Lloyd25 dager siden
  • Break up dealdru

    Alex LloydAlex Lloyd25 dager siden
  • Bob $ moves

    Alex LloydAlex Lloyd25 dager siden
  • did he say "milenium wheel" its the london eye

    FF27 dager siden
  • This looks pretty boring

    HAUL Hip HopHAUL Hip Hop29 dager siden
  • Pause at 9:17 I thought that was Marcus from Watchdogs 2

    Anthony MillerAnthony Miller29 dager siden
  • Graphics aren't that much better than Watch Dogs 2 tbh. I mean yes there are improvements but I kind of expected a bigger leap in graphics. For example the lighting and reflections look better but the explosions, collisions, smoke and waterr effects look like a copy paste from the second game imo. Model detail looks more or less the same as well. There are added gameplay mechanics though which is a huge plus. There are reused animations but there are new ones as well, however they look kinda choppy (eg fighting). But maybe all of this is just me. Not hating on the game just pointing stuff out.

    Nyan catNyan catMåned siden
  • 11:02 how did you not notice that the person being taken down is a woman? XD

    My NameMy NameMåned siden
  • how did you play?

    NalganiNalganiMåned siden
  • Such a boring city

    Dr DrDr DrMåned siden
  • this game or cyberpunk?

    Onyx FFOnyx FFMåned siden
  • never played watchdogs before but this looks insane. definitely buying.

    Jay ParmoJay ParmoMåned siden
  • looks amazing.

    Xbox XXbox XMåned siden
  • The first gumbos just John wick, on a trailer it had the John wick music and he’s the character that shows

    Sbeve BoiSbeve BoiMåned siden
  • Looks a bit boring tbh, that's why it's free with the 3080 my guess

    nanogeekpro2nanogeekpro2Måned siden
    • @Reese C. would you have bought them? What games can I ask?

      nanogeekpro2nanogeekpro2Måned siden
    • nanogeekpro2 for my last 2 graphics cards (and the 3090 now), I’ve had pretty decent games to go along with them.

      Reese C.Reese C.Måned siden
    • @Reese C. when you've seen as many releases as I have you do notice a trend, there is a correlation imo.

      nanogeekpro2nanogeekpro2Måned siden
    • You get free games with a lot of GPU’s, that doesn’t equate to the quality of a game.

      Reese C.Reese C.Måned siden
  • Haaaaang on a minute. If you can pick randoms to control, how the hell are the missions voiced?!

    RincewindclRincewindclMåned siden
  • 😯😯look so cool the game I can’t wait for play it 👌

    Ricardo ChavezRicardo ChavezMåned siden
  • Kk

  • damn, it's all futuristic bullshit now

    Limaw exdLimaw exdMåned siden
  • yikes character models and animations

    FenerXFenerXMåned siden
  • is there a dashboard view?

    bredbredMåned siden
  • wtf is that oice acting? couldnt they hire someone that is not british so we could hear some feelings instead of just some google translator script

    Bleezy MonkeyBleezy MonkeyMåned siden
  • after seeing the minimum spec for pc, i think my 1650ti and ryzen7 4800h can run this game properly at least 30fps

    User BotsUser BotsMåned siden
  • Same game. Different title. Did they not learn from the last game?

    Chris GreenoChris GreenoMåned siden
  • They gave up, it's just a sandbox with repeated missions.

    AmirBAmirBMåned siden
  • I hope they remove the car that shoots missiles, if i wanted a car like that i would play gta shitline

    Ido EliIdo EliMåned siden
  • The graphics are ages from next gen but it looks decent, the gameplay legitimately looks fun tho

    XistXistMåned siden
  • London doesn't have any appeal so I won't be getting this watch dogs. Also playing as random NPC.... is kinda a bummer

    CptEddyPriceCptEddyPriceMåned siden
  • Your gameplay answered a burning question. Are there trains other than the tube, coz God and every Londoner knows Tubes aren't the only things on tracks

    M DGAFM DGAFMåned siden
  • Its not gonna be how london really is like shotting, hard upbrinings, poverty and man in hoodies shouting "WHERE YOU FROM BLUD'😂😂

    Saul TreglownSaul TreglownMåned siden
  • how do you get the demo

    Lachlan and GamingLachlan and GamingMåned siden
  • How's the storyline?

    Arpan BagArpan BagMåned siden
  • China:nope. Hong kong:yes

    [小樹]小林托爾tohru魔蠍大帝scorpion[小樹]小林托爾tohru魔蠍大帝scorpionMåned siden
  • 7:04 there is litterally a metal breaking sound effect from Fortnite

    Its Fripe!Its Fripe!Måned siden
  • Im sorry but the voice actor for the main character sucks

    azorahazorahMåned siden
  • Game seems great but i've been waiting so long, it better live up to the hype

    House CarterHouse CarterMåned siden
  • this looks rougher than i remember it being

    symsymMåned siden
  • While watching various youtubers play legion I've noticed that all the British youtubers take the roundabout clockwise and all the Americans take it counter clockwise. I really hope you guys never drive in London lol

    Wayne Payne98Wayne Payne98Måned siden
  • I really hope they do a watch dogs set in Toronto one day.

    Wayne Payne98Wayne Payne98Måned siden
  • People in september just gonna comment that we'll get this free because we'll buy the Ampere gpus

    LesionLesionMåned siden
  • you know what it looks great

    Dee JaayDee JaayMåned siden
    • You know what I agree

      Wayne Payne98Wayne Payne98Måned siden
  • Laughed a lot whilst watching this - especially the woman on the moped :D

    Natalie McCarthyNatalie McCarthyMåned siden
  • “WORK IN PROGRESS” to all my Stevie Wonders out there.

    The Immature GamerTMThe Immature GamerTMMåned siden
  • wow how dumb are you? your jack wick...really nice one. bye

    ShadyTree TeaShadyTree Tea2 måneder siden
  • why is it so quite.. cant hear a thing.. try playing the video once before uploading

    ShadyTree TeaShadyTree Tea2 måneder siden
    • Try turning up the volume. You know, the logo in the left corner of the video?

      Zen • 10 years agoZen • 10 years agoMåned siden
  • never seen west minster so un-busy

    KgamerKgamer2 måneder siden
  • aloo la verdad muy bueno video lo disfrute bastante espero el proximo video los dejo les envio besitos muchas gracias

    Sergio MoraSergio Mora2 måneder siden
  • In the first 40 seconds you see the guy do a combo, it looks almost the same as a combo of sleeping dogs

    Dylan VeenDylan Veen2 måneder siden
  • can we get better driving pls and the sounds when u are in the car are like ur in a room with nothing in there the city needs to be vivid thats terrible and truly ruins the whole nice game for me

    LoneyMakkaroniLoneyMakkaroni2 måneder siden
  • I don't like how it's basically a cartoon

    Y.mstizzyY.mstizzy2 måneder siden
  • tiny desk concert

    Richard MartinezRichard Martinez2 måneder siden
  • Re-skinned San Francisco + kiddos features. No thanks

    Lincoln BourneLincoln Bourne2 måneder siden
  • albion officer having a friendly conversation with guy. "StOp HaRaSsInG ThAt MaN"

    SamJones41SamJones412 måneder siden
  • Can u free run in this game

    LegendGamesTRLegendGamesTR2 måneder siden
  • This looks like shit.

    Степан ТилькинСтепан Тилькин2 måneder siden
  • Where are the roadman

    Gtx 1080Gtx 10802 måneder siden
  • madddd

    dj directdj direct2 måneder siden
  • I dont know if i want to get this for ps5 on release date or ac valhala

    JMD YTJMD YT2 måneder siden
  • Ps4 will be?

    Nation LTUNation LTU2 måneder siden
  • paintball gun !!!!!!!

    Reese RReese R2 måneder siden
  • POOP

    krycankrycan2 måneder siden
  • I want the tone to be more serious than this. This action comedy colorful thinngs really make me lose interesting.

    Akkaradet SomrakAkkaradet Somrak2 måneder siden
    • The game can be as serious or goofy as you'd like it to be. Personally, I find the departure from Watch_Dogs 1's overly serious tone a great addition, but there is still clearly a good amount of drama included into the story that can make for some powerful moments.

      M.A.K. DynastyM.A.K. Dynasty2 måneder siden
  • love the graphics. but,,, the voice acting.................

    actual mango smoothieactual mango smoothie2 måneder siden
  • Jack Wick...Yes are Jack Wick.

    Krowten networKKrowten networK2 måneder siden
  • I really like your funny and 'not really serious' way of playing and reviewing that game ! *It's fresh*

    Arnaud J.Arnaud J.2 måneder siden
  • Something about this game feels odd.

    # TooMuchScotty# TooMuchScotty2 måneder siden
  • Where are the jidder bois

    # TooMuchScotty# TooMuchScotty2 måneder siden
  • Sunny London 🌞

    Roozbeh ImaniRoozbeh Imani2 måneder siden
  • When is it coming out

    Ed 8347Ed 83472 måneder siden
  • Anyone else still waiting on Aiden to make a cameo or appearance or is it just me?

    Riley GattRiley Gatt2 måneder siden
  • your first video..and i subscribed you. amazing gameplay video..keep it up bro

    zain kureshizain kureshi2 måneder siden
  • Hi, I have never played Watch Dogs. Is it all right to jump in on this one or should I start with the first to get the story?

    PetterPetter2 måneder siden
    • @spooderman_ 124 Thanks!

      PetterPetter2 måneder siden
    • They don't have much in common you might not understand some things but if you do want to play the first one I recommend just buying gold edition with the season pass and the first game

      spooderman_ 124spooderman_ 1242 måneder siden
  • I hope you can still forge records for random npcs and have gangs come after them, or them be arrested. Having so much fun doing that in WD2.

    Mike MMike M2 måneder siden
  • What's the FPS like?? And what's your specs?

  • "...'cause spies in this game... have causemeesauce." [turns on subtitles] Ok, cars with missiles, got it.

    martinwettigmartinwettig2 måneder siden
  • This game looks so mad. Can't wait.

    AH12AH122 måneder siden
  • Playing a game with the characters sounding like that is so not cool..😩😩

    zaddyzaddy2 måneder siden
  • Well this doesn't look like complete and utter garbage that voice acting those character models they don't all make me want to puke

    Morrigan RenfieldMorrigan Renfield2 måneder siden
  • I have a feeling this game will have a couple of minor flaws but I am extremely excited to get my hands on this and explore its world

    CharlieFryerCharlieFryer2 måneder siden